What is the average salary for Plumber jobs?

Plumber Salary in the UK

We have collated data from several sources* to estimate plumber wage both annually and monthly. You can see below how the salary has ranged over the months. If you are looking to becoming a plumber you will require a CSCS card. You can use our list of CSCS test centres to location one near you.

Annual Plumber Salary

Yearly salary

£26,208 per year

Monthly Plumber Salary

Average salary

£2,983 per month

Plumber Salary Historic

Month Yearly Salary Monthly Salary
January 2016 £26,208 £2,983
December 2016 £26,306 £1,048
November 2016 £26,456 £1,123
If you are a plumber then please see our plumber jobs in the UK page for all the latest hourly added jobs.
The above data was collated from several sources including Indeed and GoConstruct, these figures intended to provide users a general comparison only.