CISRS Scaffolder Card What You Need to Know

How long is a CISRS Card valid for?

Different CISRS Cards are valid for different lengths of time, and you should see each card’s entry for detailed information.

Most of them are ‘permanent’ cards which can be renewed on a regular basis, but the Red (Trainee) card is only valid for a short time, and should be exchanged for a Blue (Scaffolder’s) card as soon as the trainee has achieved their NVQ Level 2.

How long will it take to receive a CISRS Card?

In general, it takes 30 working days for you to receive your card, starting once we have received all of the paperwork and copies of your certification documents.

What do I do if I lose my card?

Call the CISRS Helpline Phone Number: 0844 815 7223 for a duplicate card. If your original card was still valid, you will be issued a replacement card without any additional testing or certification.

How do I renew my card?

Renewing a (permanent) CISRS card which is about to expire is a simple process, essentially identical to applying for a new card. As your HS&E test will have expired, you’ll have to take it again, as well as the courses will need to be repeated.

CISRS Scaffolder Card Application Form Process

CISRS Card Price?

The price of all CISRS cards is £26.50 inclusive of VAT. Applications will be rejected if they do not have the correct fee attached.

CISRS Scaffolder Card

CISRS Scaffolder Card Types

CISRS Scaffolder Labourer

Scaffolding Labourer

The holder of this card can only carry out labouring duties, in support of
scaffolding operations.

If working off the ground they must do so from a completed, fully boarded
and double guard railed section of the scaffold platform.

They must not erect, dismantle or alter scaffold structures in anyway.

CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Card

Trainee Scaffolder

The holder of this card is currently undergoing the completion of CISRS
training and assessment. They are entitled to work as part of a scaffold gang
under the direct supervision of a CISRS Scaffolder or Advanced Scaffolder.

NOTE an operative is considered a Trainee unitl they have completed Part 1
and 2 training, S/NVQ Level 2, CISRS assessment/skills test and a recognised
Health and Safety test.

Look on the rear of the card to discover training carried out by the card
holder and their route to qualification. Part 1 and 2 courses can be
completed in either tube and fitting or systems scaffold. Make sure the card
held reflects the equipment the holder is using

CISRS Scaffolder Card


The holder of this card has successfully reached Scaffolder status, this enables him to lead or partake in scaffolding operations
covered by his training and assessment, including Independents, towers, birdcages, fans, gantry, beam work etc.

Scaffolders who have qualified via the tube and fitting route can attend
Systems Scaffold Product Training Scheme (SSPTS) 2 day courses, and have these qualifications endorsed on the rear of the card. Check the rear of the card to confirm that they have received training in the system they are using.

Scaffolders who qualified via a systems route e.g. Part 1 Cuplok, Part2
Cuplok are only eligible to work with that particular system unless they undergo further training.

CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card

Advanced Scaffolder

The holder of this card has successfully reached Advanced Scaffolder status,
this enables him to lead or partake in all types Basic and Complex scaffolding operations including but not restricted to suspended scaffolds, temporary roofs, support structures.

CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor

Scaffolding Supervisor

The holder of this card has successfully completed the CISRS 5 Day Supervisors course, the content is similar to SMSTS (Site Manager Safety Training Scheme) but scaffold specific and covers Health and Safety Legislation, Performance standards, Employment basics, Supervisory Skills, Commercial essentials.

Delegates are required to sit a written test on each subject and also submit a project which contributes to the overall assessment.

CISRS Scaffold Inspector

Scaffold Inspection

The holder of the Basic Scaffold Inspection card is qualified to carry out statutory inspections of Basic structures. independent scaffolds, scaffold towers, birdcage scaffolds etc.

The Advanced Scaffold Inspection card allows the holder to carry out statutory inspections on both basic and complex structures e.g. suspended scaffolds, temporary roofs etc.

CISRS Contact Information

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