The construction industry is one of the largest diligences in the UK. There is a wide spectrum of different construction jobs currently available in this country that offer both good pay and a simple sense of accomplishment. Even though construction job postings have decreased by 23% in the month of March, there are still many pathways that you can take, as the total number of construction job listings in March add up to a staggering amount of 87,423, so there is definitely the right fit out there for everybody. These postings amassed 2,671,056 clicks, so there is a bit of competition. Let’s take a look at the diverse and abundant jobs available in this constantly evolving industry and also the relevant data of March, 2016. This article is written analysing monthly report.
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There are many excellent locations in this country that are saturated with construction jobs and that offer good working conditions, though these cities get many clicks every month on job postings. The city with the most clicks is of course London, with more than 300,000; that is a lot of competition. The capital city requires a lot of attention, with adjustments and changes to roads, buildings, houses and facilities being made every single day. The city is bustling with many people and tourists, so it is inevitable the pay will be quite good. Following London are the cities Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow with about 50,000 clicks a-piece. These cities are still quite major; therefore, the job opportunities aren’t too limited.
The next city is the beautiful city of Bristol with roughly 43,000 clicks, making it the 5th most popular location. Leeds generated 34,000 clicks and is followed by Aberdeen with 29,000. Not too far behind are the cities Edinburgh, with 25,000, Newcastle upon Tyne, with 22,000 and Sheffield, with a respective amount of 19,760.
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Furthermore, there are also statistics related to the keywords searched, which are relevant to construction jobs. The leading keyword is ‘electrician,’ with 92,816 searches. Therefore, electricians face a lot of rivalry. The job involves fitting and repairing electrical circuits, and also maintaining a wide variety of electrical instruments. Jobs may vary from small maintenances to significant and prominent engineering projects. Next up is ‘labourer,’ with 45,665 searches. Labouring jobs in the diligence of construction involve manual and physical works such as building walls, plastering, digging trenches and much more. The pay is decent and the hours aren’t too much.

The keyword ‘welder’ attained 40,473 searches. They specifically work from given blueprints, as they fuse two or more metals together for numerous different projects. The work is quite physical and requires good knowledge of the different metals that can be used in construction. ‘Carpenter’ brought managed to stockpile 36,394 searches. They work with numerous tools to create frameworks and structures. They can also be hired privately, so the pay will be eye-catching.

The next keyword is ‘project manager’ with approximately 28,907 searches. Their main task is to supervise construction and to coordinate the workers. They can oversee an endless amount of projects, ranging from roads and bridges to power plants and hospitals. The next two words are ‘plumber’ and ‘painter’ with respective amounts of 26,861 and 23,520. The job can be quite simple and the pay depends on your experience and the quality of your work. The final three most searched words are ‘bricklayer,’ with 22,265 searches, ‘construction,’ with 21,639 and of course ‘driver’ with 17,438.
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The top job title this month is electrician, with 49,425. They are involved with the maintenance of electrical circuits and devices. There are currently many projects in the UK that are looking for talented and experiences electricians. The next top job title is Grounds Maintenance Worker, with 21,779 clicks; they do a variety of different tasks to ensure that an outdoor environment looks aesthetically pleasing. The different tasks may involve mowing lawns, trimming trees and hedges, watering greenery, planting and even removing unwanted vegetation. Even though the job can get vigorous, the pay is good and the sense of accomplishment once the job has been completed is amazing.

The third most clicked job is Painter and Decorator, with 20,988 clicks; they apply paint, wallpapers and varnish to decorate a commercial or residential building. Next up is Site Manager, with 20,562 clicks; the role of this job is to ensure that everything is going to plan and to make sure that the construction is running smoothly. The fifth top job title is Electrician’s Mate, with 15,853 clicks. They are there to give a helping hand to the electrician and to gain both knowledge and experience.

Plumber comes up next with 14,827. The job is quite physically demanding and it involves mounting and overhauling water supply lines, waste disposal systems and much more. The highest salaries are in London and the southeast. The occupation of Maintenance Assistance accumulated 14,308 clicks. Their main priorities are to keep facilities clean and safe on a daily basis, to ensure that businesses are running smoothly. They also clean floors, vacuum, throw out garbage, make repairs and even move heavy equipment.
The next job is Labourer, with 13,181 clicks. The final two are Maintenance Operative and Quantity Surveyor, with 12,964 and 12,537 clicks. The operator plays the most imperative part in the maintenance team; they conduct most of the cleaning, inspecting, preserving and make any changes necessary. A quantity surveyor works out the construction costs and they work to the best of their abilities to ensure that the cost of a project is minimal. They prepare contracts and other documents and need to have an excellent understanding of the different risks involved.

Finally, the month of March this year has saw a drop in clicks and in job postings, though it is inevitable that the amount of jobs will increase in the next couple of months. London will probably remain the most sought after location. There will probably be a steady rise in the amount of clicks; the future for the construction industry looks very bright and by the looks of it, it will only continue to expand.

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